Show This To Your Players If They Need Some Inspiration To Play Hurt

There is a correct way to carry the football

Ball carriers do not need two hands on the ball to protect the football.  One arm with the WRIST ABOVE THE ELBOW will allow a player to secure the ball, but this is a technique that must be harped on in every aspect of practice and pointed out on film.  The other arm can now be used to help a player RUN FASTER and use to fend off would-be tacklers.  

Stemming Your Route

Stemming routes!  Do it fast enough and you can get a DB on roller skates.

Corner Routes vs Cover 1 in the Red Zone

Boot Variations Were a Trend This Preseason

Back Shoulder Fade

The back shoulder throw is a great weapon.  It’s a nice adjustment when the DB has “over the top” leverage on a receiver.  The WR can’t slow down or the DB will break on the ball, so he has to stop while going full speed and adjust.  It takes practice and great body control by the receiver.  

Get Off of Press Coverage!

Foot fire and sell to the DB that you are going one way, then go the other!

Using Your Eyes To Manipulate a DB

Watch carefully as the WR here uses his eyes to influence the DB.